NEP and Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) (Sciences)

Outline of the Courses

  1. Core Course: (14) A course, which should compulsorily be studied by a candidate as a core requirement is termed as a Core course.
  2. Elective Course: Generally a course which can be chosen from a pool of courses and which may be very specific or specialized or advanced or supportive to the discipline/ subject of study or which provides an extended scope or which enables an exposure to some other discipline/subject/domain or nurtures the candidate's proficiency/skill is called an Elective Course.
    1. Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course (4): Elective courses offered under the main discipline/subject of study are referred to as Discipline Specific Elective.
    2. Generic Elective (GE) Course (6): An elective course chosen from an unrelated discipline/subject, with an intention to seek exposure beyond discipline/s of choice is called a Generic Elective. The purpose of this category of papers is to offer the students the option to explore disciplines of interest beyond the choices they make in Core and Discipline Specific Elective papers.
  3. Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC): The Ability Enhancement (AE) Courses may be of two kinds: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC) and Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC). "AECC" courses are the courses based upon the content that leads to Knowledge enhancement; i. Environmental Science and ii. English/Hindi/MIL Communication. These are mandatory for all disciplines. "SEC" courses are value-based and/or skill-based are aimed at providing hands-on-training, competencies, skills etc.
    1. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC): (2) Environmental Science, English Communication/Hindi Communication/MIL Communication.
    2. Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (2): These courses may be chosen from a pool of courses designed to provide value-based and/or skill-based knowledge and should contain both theory and lab/hands-on/training/field work. The main purpose of these courses is to provide students life-skills in hands-on mode so as to increase their employability. The list provided under this category are suggestive in nature and each University has complete freedom to suggest their own papers under this category based on their expertise, specialization, requirements, scope and need.

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